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  Dongguan Sinowal  rubber &Plastic Co.,Ltd has two manufacturing base,located in Dongguan city ,and Suzhou City.   

     We are constantly researching on precision sealing,  and precision rubber product. At the sametime, we react to customers’ demands fast and provide the customers technical services. We aim at developing a long-term win-win cooperation relationship with our customers.

     Today, we have a long list of satisfied buyers throughout Japan, United States, and Europe. Based on customer referral,we have also developed products which apply to camera, optical component, precision instrument, solar energy, blood pressure

monitor, solenoid pump, connector, water heater, gas safety valve, medical equipment, etc.

      High quality, punctual delivery, competitive price, attentive services are our goals for customers. We are a company never satisfied with what it has achieved, but always looking for ways of doing more. Sinowal  will always invest in developing the newest technologies and share the breakthroughs with our clients.